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Kids just love pizza

10/27/2011, By: Kathy Powers

When out at community events, I often ask kids what’s their favorite food.  It’s unanimous - kids just love pizza!  So over the past 6 seasons of producing Hey Kids, Let’s Cook, I’ve prepared pizza in a variety of crazy and mouth-watering ways.  We’ve made the traditional large pizza, personal pizzas using canned biscuit dough for an yummy crust option, the Italian pocket  sandwich known as calzone, fruiteroni pizza (pizza topped with slivers of nectarines and pluots), pizza salad, and in the upcoming season we’re making pizza soup.  Yes, that’s right, pizza soup, (everything you can top on a pizza we throw into a stock pot and simmer until hot and bubbly).  When making pizza from scratch at your home, it’s the perfect opportunity to teach your kids that pizza can not only be their favorite food, but a healthy food option.  Try using low-fat mozzarella cheese, grilled veggies, or even topping the pizza with slices of fresh fruit.  You can find all these pizza recipes at Yum!

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