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Resolving not to resolve

01/02/2012, By: Geralyn Broder Murray

What I really should be resolving this year is not to resolve.


That’s because my resolve, simply, it’s not that strong. I usually wimp out by February and then end up feeling not only unresolved, but as though I’ve flunked the year and it’s only the first quarter.


In Januarys past, I’ve resolved to lose weight, to stop interrupting, to spend less money and pay more attention, to be a better mother, a better friend, a better writer.


So far, out of my 41 years of life, I’d say I’m about 0 for 41 on the resolution-keeping front. As a result, I’m still a bit pudgy and interrupt-y. I’m better at those other important things on some days; on others, I’m an embarrassment, a rookie at best.


Maybe I’m like all of us: I want to be exceptional, devoted, even spectacular, but like a toddler, I see a bright, shiny object of some kind - or a cookie - and lose focus.


That’s it: keeping focus should be my resolution this year.


So should doing yoga. And anything else that gets my muffin top to choose new digs.


And getting off my phone and email - those should be on there. So should getting on my sketchbook, my bike and my kids’ homework and piano practice.


I should also probably resolve to be less hung up on what everyone else thinks and more concerned with what I feel, with what my family feels.


I should resolve to be present, to be kind, to be quiet. Wait.


Oh dear, I got sucked in again, didn’t I?


Next year, friends. Next year will be the year I keep my resolution not to resolve - I promise.

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