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Introducing Locked Down Lower Prices

01/11/2012, By: Save Mart

Has this ever happened to you? You see a great deal for a popular item, go in to your local grocery store to get the sale price and the sale is already over. Other than having your perfect parking spot swiped at the last minute, it is possibly the most frustrating part of grocery shopping.


Save Mart is changing that with the introduction of Locked Down Lower Prices. Here’s how it works: We pick one or two of the most popular items from each food category, set a price, and stick to that price. Pretty simple, right? We also mark all items with tags in stores and in the weekly ad with the handy Locked Down Lower Prices badge so they are easy to spot. 


We’ve said it before, Save is in our name for a reason, and now we’ve designed a system that makes it easier than ever to find those savings.


So remember, when you see the Locked Down Lower Prices icon, you’re saving even more! Thanks again for shopping at Save Mart!

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