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Dinner Topics

02/08/2012, By: Save Mart

You may have seen Save Mart tossing out the phrase Dinner Topics on Facebook, or #DinnerTopics if you follow us on Twitter. We’re happy to see that they have sparked some conversation among our fans and followers, which was our intention. But the idea behind Dinner Topics is much bigger than just thought-provoking questions, it’s a celebration of the beloved family dinner.


Everyone is busy these days, even the kids. There are families with two working parents, soccer practice, and there are always social engagements we just can’t seem to get out of almost every day of the week. It’s getting tougher to get the family together regularly, but after doing a little research, you would be surprised how “worth it” regular family dinners are, check out some of the finer points below.


  • It’s healthier to eat dinner at home. This seems obvious but there are a lot of factors that go into this statement. First, parents are able to control portion sizes, which is a huge element in fighting obesity. Additionally, since parents are able to control what their kids are eating, it’s a perfect opportunity to introduce new foods. Talk to your kids about the new item on your menu; take time to convince them if they are skeptical. This is a great chance to get your kids to love vegetables.
  • It’s more economical to eat dinner at home. On average, a meal out is $8 per plate, while a meal at home is only $4.50! That can really add up fast.
  • It’s great for child development to eat dinner at home. When children are very young, the dinner table is one of the only places where they can participate in adult conversation. They will learn news words, sentence structure and many other speaking nuances they can only pick up from using adult language.
  • It keeps teens out of trouble to eat dinner at home. Without sounding too much like a PSA, it’s proven that teens that attend family dinners five times a week are much less likely to experiment with alcohol, tobacco, and drugs.


There are actually thousands of reasons to have regular family dinners, so in the spirit of our Dinner Topics posts, what’s your reason for gathering your family for dinner?

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