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Pools of Hope

02/21/2012, By: Geralyn Broder Murray




Geralyn Broder Murray, East Sacramento resident, writes about her family's favorite community pool. Learn how you can help save the pools with just a "Like" at the end of the post :)


Our pool is not really our pool; it’s everyone’s pool – Bertha Henschel Pool in East Sacramento.


Our kids think it’s theirs though, and that’s true too.


When you live in Sacramento, home of the 100+ degree summer, you need a pool to call your own and Bertha is ours. She’s a wading pool, really, and our kids are now 8 and 5; technically this summer they are too old to wade, but wade they will. They’ve been screeching and splashing and floating and running through “the mushroom” – a towering raining fountain of fun – since they were infants. I brought them to Bertha in their little swimsuits, lathered in SPF 300, or something close to it, and I laid them down on towels and bravely donned my own suit, too – so I could be there while their tiny hands held tightly onto my index fingers and their strong, chunky legs trudged from one side of the pool to the other.


The last few years, the pool has been open less and less, yet another victim of budget cuts. This heroic effort of Save Mart, to save our pools, is an act I’m holding onto like a security blanket; the idea that there is a company out there looking after our lovely little community, ensuring that there will be more summers like the ones my children have been lucky enough to take for granted all their lives, seems to me like hope for all of us. The community pools have always been the place everyone is welcome, where childhood can take flight, where the joy is in the pruney toes and the nubby towels – the water somehow freeing both young and old from their shells, their fears. To know that for one more summer at least, thanks to Save Mart and our community working together, these treasures of ours are safe – it’s like when my son finds out the day’s lunch menu is a corn dog and says, meaning it with all his heart: “This is the best day ever!”


That’s exactly how I felt when I heard the news about Save Mart saving the pools: this is the best day ever.



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