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Brown Bag Throw-down Cooking Challenge

06/15/2012, By: LeAnna Jean

If you were presented with a grocery bag filled with creative ingredients including: fettuccini noodles, artichoke hearts, Gruyere cheese, red wine, butternut squash, colorful bell peppers, rice cakes, Ricotta cheese, and Al Fresco Chicken Sausage Links (Roasted Pepper Asiago and Chicken Apple flavors)….what two dishes would you create?  This was our Brown Bag Thrown-down Challenge for two local Sacramento chefs on Tuesday, June 11th

Chef Pedro from Ettore’s Bakery  and Chef Adrianna from Arden Hills started their cooking challenge at Save Mart Supermarket located on Fair Oaks Blvd with CW 31 Good Day Sacramento host Mark S. Allen. Grocery ingredients where secretly picked by Mark S. Allen and chefs took their bag of groceries to the American River College Culinary Kitchen to create their masterpiece dishes.  In approximately 45 minutes, these two talented chefs created amazing dishes for judging and a chance to win title (bragging rights) of Brown Bag Throw-down Champ!

I had the tasty opportunity to judge these out-of-this world dishes. The entrées presented were: butternut squash and sausage pasta; breaded stuffed egg served over dumplings; red wine “drunken” noodles with stuffed bell peppers; and butternut corn cakes with sausage and relish topping. WOW! That’s all I can say. How can anyone select a winner? It was a difficult task, but I selected winner based on complimenting flavors, textures, and plating presentation. Special thanks to both chefs as all dishes ranked #1 by my taste buds. And the winner is…..Chef Pedro from Ettore’s for his butternut squash pasta and breaded stuffed egg with dumplings.

Take a look at our Throw-down food photos and start your own culinary challenge. Be inspired to cook a new dish for dinner tonight! At Save Mart we’ll help assist you with your grocery needs, just ask us. Our {in good taste} recipe magazine can help you get started.


Happy Cooking!

LeAnna Jean

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