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Cutting an Onion

05/23/2011, By: Kathy Powers

How do you safely cut something when all it wants to do is roll around your countertop?  Cutting something round could turn into a safety hazard super fast.  Try this safety tip for chopping onions:  chop off one end of the onion, stand it on the flat, cut end, and then cut the onion in half.  Peel off the outer layers, then lay the onion on the chopping block.  From the tip of the onion, slice down ¼ inch slices, then turn the onion and cut across.  This makes evenly chopped ¼ inch onion pieces for any recipe.  Cutting an onion has never been easier, and to keep those tears from flowing during the process, be sure to buy those safety goggles.  Great for kids too!  Another Safety Tip from Save Mart Supermarkets.

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