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Freezing Meat

05/23/2011, By: Kathy Powers

Everyone loves to get a deal at the supermarket.  And Save Mart is inviting you to come home and save big!  You can make this happen every time you go by simply purchasing foods in larger quantities.  I buy large packages of boneless, skinless, chicken breasts whenever they go on sale.  You can get a whole bunch for a whole lot less than buying just two at a time.  As soon as you get home, repackage them by putting two chicken breasts into a small plastic freezer bag.  Don’t forget to add the date, as poultry, (uncooked parts), can be frozen for up to nine months for optimum quality and flavor.  Defrost in the refrigerator for your next amazing chicken recipe.  Another “Come Home to Lower Prices Tip” from Save Mart Supermarkets.

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