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It's a Wrap!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011, By: Save Mart
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Do you ever get tired of the same ol' sandwhich? Check out Kathy Powers' recipe for a fun and tasty chicken wrap!

Little Italy Pasta Salad

By: Save Mart
Image of Little Italy Pasta Salad
With our busy lifestyles, it’s always a good idea to have a make-ahead meal ready at home. Our quick-to-fix pasta salad is an ideal solution whether you need to grab a quick lunch for yourself or you’ll be entertaining others. Why stop for fast food when this healthy meal awaits you?

Smoky BBQ Pork Sandwiches

By: Save Mart
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When you gather friends and family together for some marvelous game-day fare, everyone wins. Dust off your slow cooker for our Smoky BBQ Pork Sandwiches... they are so tangy, tender and spectacular you’ll satisfy every sports fan. Add a little crunch... top pork with a vinegar-based coleslaw. This scrumptious dip is another perfect addition to your party spread. It can be kept warm in a fondue pot or slow cooker for serving.

Homemade Muffuletta Sandwich

By: Save Mart
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No longer will you have to travel all the way to New Orleans to get the tastiest of Muffuletta Sandwiches!

Spring Vegetable Pizza

By: Save Mart
Image of Spring Vegetable Pizza
Spring into flavor! Your vegetables will feel like they're on center stage with this tasty Spring Vegetable Pizza.

Open-Faced Breakfast Sandwiches

By: Save Mart
Image of Open-Faced Breakfast Sandwiches
Sophisticated, delicious and filling, this “breakfast” is a winner any night of the week. Did you know that the meat for turkey bacon comes from the dark meat of the thigh? Packed with nutrients, every ingredient in these sandwiches – even the heart-healthy avocado – goes the distance when it comes to protecting your family’s health.

Grilled Salmon and Spinach Salad

By: Save Mart
Image of Grilled Salmon and Spinach Salad
A salad full of superfoods! Salmon, tomatoes and spinach are a powerful and healthy team on one plate. Tease your taste buds with the combination of a meaty fish fillet along with a crisp, cool salad. Drizzled raspberry vinaigrette adds the perfect sweetness to this sensational collaboration of wholesome goodness.

"Sweet Tart" Grilled Chicken Salad

By: Save Mart

Tortellini with Chicken & Gorgonzola Cream Sauce

By: Save Mart

Zinful BBQ Beef Kabobs

By: Save Mart
Image of Zinful BBQ Beef Kabobs
It's grilling season Save Mart fans! Here is a delicious recipe for beef kabobs that's great for the whole family. Enjoy!