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Thanksgiving Food Shopping with the Kids

11/22/2011, By: Kathy Powers

That’s right, I did say with shopping with the kids.  This is the week when it’s a reality that we’re back at the supermarket several times before serving up that irresistible Thanksgiving dinner for family and friends.  So that makes those multiple shopping trips a perfect time to use grocery shopping as a teachable moment for preschoolers all the way up to teenagers.  Have those little ones feel a part of the big day by letting them push around the mini-shopping carts provided for you at Save Mart and Lucky Supermarkets.   Point to those needed items that are in reach of those little hands and they will feel like the big shopper.  Ask those helpful 8 – 10 year old helpers to read the shopping list and to hold on to the envelope filled with coupons.  Teaching kids early on that a life of organized shopping and making the most of coupons will save the family money (and maybe for that future trip to the beach).  Teach those inquisitive 11 – 12 year olds how to read the price tags and compare cost per ounce that’s available right next to food items.  Yes, sharing those cost saving techniques also enforces great math skills.  When shopping with teens, give them a section of the shopping list when you get to your Save Mart or Lucky Supermarket, and have them meet you at the front for check out.  At any age, kids will feel empowered doing just what moms and dads do every week!



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