California State Fair Opens Friday – Fresh Comes First to Wine Booth (Email)

Hi Team,

While it is difficult to believe we are already halfway through this year, it is amazing to realize how much we have accomplished. Together, we generated $300,000 for our BEAT campaign to end heart disease…easily passing the 50% mark for our goal of $400,000 for 2013. Additionally, we enjoyed another successful Toyota/Save Mart 350 event, during which we generated strong sales performance across our stores, connected to our BEAT campaign by celebrating the incredible life of a heart transplant survivor, and raised important funds for Save Mart CARES through our annual golf tournament to help local charities.

This month we will, once again, sponsor the popular California State Fair wine booth to showcase our “Fresh Comes First” brand and interact with our neighbors. Connecting to the state and county fairs drives home our commitment to local food production and the high value of our California growers and producers to our business. Did you know that there are 78 county fairs throughout the state?

I know that many of you will be volunteering at the fair, to serve as brand ambassadors for Save Mart, and I thank you. I also know that each of you serve as a brand ambassador every day, and I would like to thank you as well.

I hope you and your family can take time to enjoy a visit to the State Fair this year. The exhibits and livestock areas are great ways to learn more about the importance of agriculture to our State economy and to our company’s business.

Keep up the great work, and I will see you in the stores.

All the best,


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One Response to California State Fair Opens Friday – Fresh Comes First to Wine Booth (Email)

  1. Chito Armenta says:

    Hi Steve I would just like to thank you for your leadership of our company(family).When I heard you speak at our Store Manager meeting, your message, your passion, your emotion when you started talking about us as a company being part of one of those moments in our companies history that will define us for the future. The passion in your voice sounded like someone who has been a big part of that and knowing the hard work it is going to take for us to win that championship so to speak. I want to be part of that, I feel honored and am excited to head down this journey with you and all of our team, I feel like together with our team we have and what we have achieved and can continue to achieve with your vision, our vision we can win that championship. I will do everything I can to rally the troops, to share that vision with my team.With hard work and Gods Grace, we will get there. Thank you for being the leader of our company and may God bless you with wisdom and the vision we need to succeed. Sincerely, Chito Armenta #450