I love to eat red meat at least 6 times a week...is that bad for my health?

This week's question was from Harold in Merced: I love to eat red meat at least 6 times a week…is that bad for my health?

Jeff Herr, Doctor of Pharmacy

Since red meat is high in saturated fat, a diet high in red meat can increase the blood cholesterol and that can lead to heart disease. Saturated fat can also lead to certain types of cancer and is now suspected in some types of depression. You would be eating better if you changed your diet to chicken and fish as your main source of meat. These meats have less fat and fish has omega 3’s as well, and these are excellent sources of protein. Tofu is another source of protein and can be easily added to most foods. Red meat now and then is much better than 6 times a week, so experiment with the meats suggested and enjoy.

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