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Thank you for choosing to shop with us! To show our appreciation, we’re giving you more savings. That’s right! Now, you can earn points on qualifying purchases, and then choose the rewards you want online. Simply redeem the rewards on your next visit by entering your phone number at checkout. It’s that easy!

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How It Works

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How To Sign Up

How To Sign Up Enrolling in the program is easy. You can sign up either online, through our mobile app, or in-store. Multiple accounts can also be created, allowing all shoppers in your home to earn points on the same balance. Sign Up

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Exclusions: The following exclusions apply to the program and you can’t earn points against these purchases: gift cards; phone/pre-paid cards; postage stamps; event and lift tickets; alcohol; money orders and fund transfers; prescriptions and other pharmacy items; pseudoephedrine or other ephedrine products; health tests and other pharmacy services; taxes; dairy; coupons; discounts and other promotions; charitable giving; tobacco; transportation tickets and passes; and Lottery tickets.

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