Topco Market has issued a Recall of Full Circle Dryer Sheets because of Consumer feedback of non-performance with occasional reports of dryer sheets blocking dryer vents. Please remove all lot codes connected to the Full Circle Fabric Softener Dryer Sheets Unscented (Free & Clear) 100% Biodegradable (UPC: 3680028023) & Full Circle Fabric Softener Dryer Sheets Fresh Scent 100% Biodegradable (UPC: 3680028541).

Please open the attached recall documents to view the detailed information about this recall. The step by step Essbase reporting instructions have been included at the end of the Recall Notification Form.


All stores must report in Essbase, even if you have zero units of this item. This allows Food Safety to track and confirm your store has processed the recall.

You must select the correct recall from the Recall No. drop down menu. Select:
Full Circle Dryer Sheets ~ DD0192018

Store Talking Points:
Save Mart/S-Mart, Lucky, and Lucky California stores have taken immediate action to remove the recalled Dryer Sheets from our shelves . Consumers who are impacted should contact or The Save Mart Companies Customer Care at (800) 692-5710.

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