The products were made with ingredients that may contain Salmonella.

Item Description Size UPC Expiration Range
Palmer Candy Chocolate Almond Bark 9 oz 7723217250 4/26/2017-6/7/2017
Palmer Candy Christmas Tree Pretzels 7 oz 7723217137 7/27/2017-8/3/2017
Palmer Candy Drizzled Peanut Brittle 8 oz 7723217002 4/30/2017-5/22/2017
Palmer Candy Game Day Party Bowl 16 oz 7732317291 7/18/2017-7/18/2017
Palmer Candy Holiday Gift Bowl 22 oz 7723217285 4/18/2017-5/1/2017

Save Mart/S-Mart, Food Maxx/Maxx Value Foods and Lucky stores have taken immediate action to remove the products from our shelves. Consumers who are impacted should contact Palmer Candy Company Customer Service at (712) 258-5543 or The Save Mart Companies Customer Care at (800) 692-5710.