Save Smart Rewards

Thank you for choosing to shop with us! To show our appreciation, we’re giving you more savings. That’s right! Now, you can earn points on qualifying purchases, and then choose the rewards you want online. Simply redeem the rewards on your next visit by entering your phone number or presenting your rewards card at checkout. It’s that easy!

How It Works

Earn Points with Purchases

Earn one reward point for every dollar you spend on eligible purchases.

Choose the Rewards You Want

Log on to your rewards account and exchange your points for the rewards you want. There are up to twenty rewards to choose from at any time!

Redeem Your Savings

Simply provide your phone number or rewards card at checkout to redeem your savings. Plus, you can receive weekly emails with special offers, valuable digital coupons, personalized savings, and more!

How To Sign Up

Enrolling in the program is easy. You can sign up either online, through our mobile app, or in-store. Multiple accounts can also be created, allowing all shoppers in your home to earn points on the same balance.

Sign Up
How To Sign Up

Frequently Asked Questions

Creating a Rewards Account does the following:

  • Enables you to receive valuable, personalized offers based on what you like to buy.
  • Allows you to view the weekly ad online based on your home store.
  • Allows you to search and save recipes. You can even add ingredients to your shopping list at a click or a tap.
  • Enables you to create and manage custom shopping lists online or in the mobile app.
  • Gives you access to digital coupons that are automatically applied when your rewards account is used at checkout.

The next time you shop, you can redeem rewards by adding the qualifying item to your basket. Then use your rewards account at checkout with your card or phone number, which will automatically apply the reward.

Rewards are stackable, meaning the same reward can be added multiple times. For example, you can load $5 off produce twice and use them in the same transaction to get a total of $10 off.

Points expire on the last day of the month ninety days after accrual. For example, if I earn points on April 7, they will expire at the end of the third month, which would be July 30. Also, rewards expire thirty days after being added to an account.

Expire Image

You can use the website or mobile app to convert points into rewards, which you will have thirty days to use. Once points are loaded as rewards they cannot be converted back to points.

Rewards vary in the number of points needed to redeem them. You will be able to select up to twenty discounts with new rewards being cycled through every six to eight weeks. There are three categories of rewards:

  • Dollars Off
  • Free Products
  • Continuity Items

Every dollar you spend on qualifying purchases at our store equals one point (calculated before tax, see exclusions below). You will accrue points until they are converted or they expire.

Physical cards are available, but not necessary. At checkout, you can use your card or phone number.

You can login to your account online or through our mobile app.

You can enroll online or through our mobile app. Once registered, you will receive an initial points balance.

Exclusions: The following exclusions apply to the program and you can’t earn points against these purchases: gift cards; phone/pre-paid cards; postage stamps; event and lift tickets; alcohol; money orders and fund transfers; prescriptions and other pharmacy items; pseudoephedrine or other ephedrine products; health tests and other pharmacy services; taxes; dairy; coupons; discounts and other promotions; charitable giving; tobacco; transportation tickets and passes; and Lottery tickets.

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