Career Overview
Career Overview

Career Overview

Our Mission

Bringing People Together, Through Our Passion for Food and a Remarkable Shopping Experience

Our Values

Save Mart Supermarkets is committed to ensuring a quality workplace for every employee. This means treating people with dignity and respect, demonstrating trust, maintaining an inclusive work environment that values diversity and teamwork, ensuring a productive atmosphere free from discrimination and harassment, and providing a safe environment, free from injury, drug and alcohol use.

  • Integrity: Do the right thing by acting responsibly. Strive to be honest and open in communication with one another. Be fair and consistent in business dealings.
  • Respect: Recognize that people have different needs. Acknowledge and show appreciation for their unique qualities, always treating them with dignity.
  • Responsibility: Set high standards and work to achieve them. Value a sense of ownership and expect people to be accountable for their actions and results.
  • Commitment: Be dedicated to serving our customers and communities. Value loyalty and superior performance. Follow through on promises and obligations.
  • Teamwork: Care about people. Help support one another in the pursuit of business goals. Work together to enhance individual effort and produce great results. Encourage a friendly and productive business environment.

Join Our Team

Save Mart TeamOur company provides equal employment opportunity to all people regardless of race, religious creed, color, national origin, ancestry, physical handicap, cancer-related medical conditions, marital status, age, sex, gender identity, or sexual orientation.Save Mart is committed to making reasonable accommodations to the physical disability of any individual. Opportunities for employment, growth and advancement will be available to all employees/associates. This commitment applies equally to all jobs, positions and titles in the company.

If you require assistance with the application process, please contact us at (209) 548-6546.