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Fresh departments such as Meat/Seafood, Bakery/Deli, and Produce/Floral offer a high level of customer contact supported by training in customer service, food safety and sanitation, product knowledge, merchandising and much more.

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Job Descriptions

Below you will find a brief overview of typical job responsibilities. Some positions are only available at certain locations and position duties may vary by area.

Grocery Clerks

Provide fast, friendly customer service as they ring each customer's purchases using computerized cash registers. They also stock shelves (liquor, grocery, frozen, deli, dairy, and in some areas, general merchandise) and assist customers. Service duties include suggestive selling, locating items, checking product availability, bagging groceries, etc.

Service Clerks / Courtesy Clerks

Bag groceries and assist our customers to their cars. They also gather shopping carts from parking lots, perform clean-ups and price checks, return merchandise to its proper place on the shelves, and perform other miscellaneous duties.

Produce Clerks

Work with all produce items and, in some stores, garden operations. Freshness and quality are trademarks in this service area. This job typically includes merchandising, suggestive selling, stocking, and ordering within the department.

Bakery Clerks / Bakery Sales Clerks

Work the bakery counter with a strong emphasis on customer service. Primary responsibilities include stocking and selling baked goods, product handling, food preparation, rotation, sanitation, offering suggestions for event planning, and making announcements.

Service Deli Clerks

Fill requests from customers by slicing lunchmeat, cheese, and preparing heat-and-eat meals and salads. They also fill special orders for sandwiches and deli trays. Primary responsibilities include product handling, food preparation, sampling to increase sales, rotation, sanitation, making announcements, and offering suggestions for event planning. Accurate order taking and customer satisfaction is essential.

Meat Cutters

Handle product and prepare it for the sales counter. They properly cut and trim meat according to standards and specifications. Emphasis is on safety, quality, and sanitation.

Meat and Seafood Clerks

Assist the meat and seafood departments in packaging product, ensure product freshness, proper sanitation, merchandising, and pricing. Offering quality customer service is vital to the success of these departments.

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