La Mexicana is doing product recall of unexpired La Mexicana and Gourmet Style salsa containers with a “sell by” date between Sept. 28, 2018, and Nov. 19, 2018, due to concerns of potential contamination at the manufacturing facility.

Product Description UPC#
Guacamole 20113001855
Salsa, Cantina Style Medium 20113001954
Salsa, Peach Mango 20113001565
Salsa, Hot 20113001497
Salsa, Medium 20113001527
Salsa, Mild 20113001503
Salsa, Medium Party Size 20113002265
Salsa, Hot 20113001640
Salsa, Mild 20113001657
Salsa, Roasted Garlic 20113001862
Salsa, Hot 20113001879
Salsa, Medium 20113001893
Salsa, Mild 20113001886

PLEASE NOTE- The La Mexicana Salsa is located in the Dairy Deli and  stores that have a Service Deli, may also have them in Service Deli.