Danone North America is voluntarily recalling one SKU of YoCrunch® Vanilla Lowfat Yogurt with Snickers® Pieces with the wrong retail overwrap. The product is being recalled because during production of 4-cup multipacks of the YoCrunch® Lowfat Yogurt with Snickers® pieces the wrong overwrap for the YoCrunch® M&Ms® flavor was applied for a short time during the production run. The M&Ms® overwrap that was applied in error does not list “peanuts” and “eggs” in the required allergen statement. However, Peanuts and eggs are declared on the overwrap as part of the “May Contain” statement. Additionally, the individual units (cups) inside the overwrap are correctly labeled “Snickers®” and include the correct peanut and egg allergen declaration. The overwrap is open on the sides, the cups labeling is visible and the absence of M&Ms® and the presence of Snickers® pieces are visible in the transparent dome.

Product Name UPC

YoCrunch® Strawberry Lowfat Yogurt with M&Ms® Chocolate Candie

46675 01312

YoCrunch® Vanilla Lowfat Yogurt with Snickers® Pieces

46675 01326